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27 December2017 through 04 February 2018, I will be operating from Grand Turk, NA-003. Please be patient with me as I am not a skilled contester nor dxpeditioner, just an average operator that does not have much experience with pileups but enjoys 'playing radio'. This is not a dxpedition -I will be balancing radio along with snorkling, diving, fishing, and relaxing with friends and family.

If all goes according to plan I will have my Kenwood 590 and Elecraft KPA500 transmitting to a crankIR close to the waters edge. I will be operating cw and ssb on 40 through 10 meters and may possibly put up an 80 meter dipole if I think worthwhile. I will be posting my logs to LOTW and CLUBLOG throughout the trip IF internet access has been restored to the villa - it was knocked out with the passing of hurricane Irma.

I very much enjoy chasing DX and IOTA islands on the HF bands, and will partake in a good ragchew if the opportunity arises. SSB is my main mode these days but still enjoy and make many CW contacts as well. As I am very close to retirement, I planmany island activations in the next few years - mainly from NA islands that I can drive to in my motorhome.

I promptly reply to direct qsl requests but freely admit, when it comes toreturning buro cards, I fall short! I sincerely apologize for my shortcomings in this regard. (perhaps I'll get better when fully retired) If anyone is in need of a confirmation for ANY contact made with my home station or one of my portable operations please email me the details of the qso (along with your mailing address) and I will gladly send you my card direct.

August 1999 - VP5/N9EAJ - NA-002 - Providenciales Island

October 1999 - N9EAJ/4 - FL-099S - San Carlos Island (does not count for IOTA NA-069)

July 2000 - N9EAJ/6Y5 - NA-097 - Jamaica

Sept-Oct 2000 - N9EAJ/4 - FL-099S - San Carlos Island (does not count forIOTA NA-069)

April 2001- N9EAJ/4 - NA-069 - Estero Island

December 2001 - N9EAJ/4 - NA-142 - Santa Rosa Island

December 2001 - N9EAJ/5 - NA-168 - Grande Isle

January 2003 - N9EAJ/4 - NA-076 - Cedar Keys

January 2003 - N9EAJ/4 - NA-085 - St. George Island

July 2003 - KL7/N9EAJ - NA-019 - Kodiak Island

January 2004 - N9EAJ/5 - NA-143 - Galveston Island

2007 - KP2/N9EAJ - NA-106 - St. John Island

July 2008 - N9EAJ/1 - NA-055 - Deer Isle

July 2008 - VY2/N9EAJ - NA-029 - Prince Edward Island

January 2011 - N9EAJ/4 - NA-052 - Chokoloskee Island

January 2011 - N9EAJ/4 - NA-062 - Islamorada, FL Keys


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