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QSL: Direct via KC├śW - No LoTW - No Bureau - DX $2 - USA SASE


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Accepts QSL via:
e-qsl: NO
mail QSL:YES

lookups: 827374

Brunei 2017


25 November - December

1. QSL Direct via KCW. No LoTW, No Bureau. DX $2 - USA SASE.

2. No Duplicate QSOs on the Same Band.

3. Do not Work me if you Operate Internet Remote.

4. Yaesu FT-857d. CW only.

5. QRV in CQWW CW Contest.

St. Helena Island as ZD7X. Brunei as V85/KCW. Cambodia as XU7XXX. West Kiribati asT3COW. Haiti as HH5/KCW. Zimbabwe as Z25DX. Vanuatu asYJCOW.South Korea as HL5ZKJ. Martinique as TOO. Hong Kong asVR2/KCW. Montenegro as 4O/KCW. Samoa as 5WCOW. Canada as KCW/VE5. Japan as JJ1HST. Tuvalu asT2COW. Romania asYO/KCW. Philippines as4I7COW. Guatemala as TG7/KCW. American Samoa as KH8/KCW. Vietnam as 3W9CW............Over 120,000 QSOs have gone into the logs from my "One Man DXpeditions".

Unfortunately the H44COW, 3D2KOW and planned DXpeditions to Tokelau, Solomon Islands, Temotu Province & Bangladesh were all cancelled due to major equiptment theft while in the South Pacific.

In 1995 I completed 11 Band CW WAS. (160 - 6 meters + Satellite)

QSL direct to my Minnesota PO Box. NO LoTW, no BUREAU. DX stations $2. USA stations just enclose your SASE. Call me old fashioned but I still enjoy receiving paper QSL cards in the mail. I have no plans of ever joining LoTW.

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Tuvalu (100% CW)

Haiti (60% CW)

American Samoa (100% CW)

TOO (95% CW, all hand sent)

Vanuatu (100% CW)

Romania (100% CW)

Guatemala (100% CW)

Cambodia (100% CW)

West Kiribati (100% CW)

Zimbabwe (100% CW)

St. Helena (50% CW, all hand sent)

Samoa (100% CW)

Montenegro (100% CW)

Philippines (100% CW)

Vietnam (100% CW)

Hong Kong (100% CW)


432 MHz EME (2001 - 2005) 100% CW

Shania, KCW & Friends

KCW/M (in a past life)


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