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I passed my Novice test (WN4POB) in 1969 at Jacksonville Beach and upgraded to General (WB4POB) in 1970 at the Tampa FCC Office (fun drive on my motorcycle). Soon afterwards I enlisted in the USAF. I lost track of ham radio until I was stationed at U-Tapao RTAFB Thailand and then obtained HS2AIW. I was able to operate some using QRP CW out of the barracks.

After returning CONUS I purchased the FT-101B and used it mobile. Great rig while the car was running.....

Prior to getting out of the USAF (Eglin AFB) I drove to Mobile and passed the Advanced but then went back a few months later to pass the Extra.

During my first year in college (thanks GI Bill) I obtained the vanity call N4ID.

After college I worked at E-Systems and was able to TDY to Australia. I obtained VK8TX for multiple TDYs and a future PCS.

While working in Virginia (1996) I obtained a new vanity call W4EE.

Now retired in sunny Florida and member of Platinum Coast ARS, Florida Contest Group, Florida East Coast DX Club, North Florida ARS, and Potomac Valley Radio Club.


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