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Ryan A Krenzischek

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First, let me offer thanks to my mentors: N3LU, KS4NB, AB2ET, and KJ4WYF. I am a active member of the ARRL, AMSAT, Miami-Dade RACES, andCoral Gables RACES. I enjoy working with SSB phone and different digital modes (RTTY, PSK31, SSTV, APRS, PACTOR).

As of April 2015, I have been appointed by the ARRL as Assistant Emergency Coordinator for Miami-Dade County.

My amateur call sign holds a special story to how Marine Corps MARS was formed.

(History borrowed from

Both the Navy and Marine Corps had extensive ham radio operations prior to the inception of MARS. Marine Corps hams were organized into several nets and handled emergency, morale and health and welfare messages. Many of the Marine Corps stations and operators were already members of either the Army or Air Force MARS programs. In early 1962, 1st Sgt Kinsman Boso at W4NTR, realizing the potential of the Navy-Marine Corps having their own system began a newsletter "Zero Beat" which he began distributing to Marine Corps Amateurs. He also solicited Marines to send him their license information so that an unofficial list of Marine Corps amateurs could be compiled and maintained. Through the distribution of Zero Beat and his card file, Boso maintained a fairly large list of hams. Once the Navy-Marine Corps program was instituted Boso encouraged all Marine stations and amateurs to sever other affiliations and join the Navy-Marine Corps system. In December of 1962 there were about 29 Marine Corps stations.

Licensed in 1948 by then Captain (later Colonel) Sanford B Hunt as W4NTR the station became known as the "Granddaddy of USMC Stations". It's roster of operators rings like a "Who's Who" of Marine Corps Amateur radio. MSgt Fenton Martin; GySgt James Irwin; 1st Sgt Kin Boso; Sgt John Littleton, CWO Joe Van Brocklin, CWO Gus Ponstingel; MSgt Wes Armstrong; MSgt Wes Wilson; GySgt Wayne Justis; SSgt Doug Thomas.

I am a member of the ARRL A-1 Club (found under call KK4AJQ). I would like to thank all my many ham friends who have been gracious with their time in mentoring. I would have not received this award without their guidance on proper etiquitte and procedure on amateur radio.

In the profile picture above shows my HF station.

Equipment (from top to bottom): B&B Systems MP-4, DBX 231, DBX 286, DBX 266XL, ARTS PB-1, HP 175, Astron RS-70M, Fast Charging Station for HT (Left of Astron), Kenwood TH-D72A (Right of Astron), Rigblaster Plus II, Ameritron ARB-704, IC-756, Drake L4-B, Ten-Tec 229B, Computer (optocore amd, 32GB ram, SSD in raid-10 configuration, running OpenSUSE Linux).

In regards to QSL cards, I love the old fashioned way of sending cards in the mail. I will eQSL if requested.

Thank you for visiting and 73.

Awards: ARRL A-1 Operator Club(KK4AJQ).


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