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East Tennessee District 7 Skywarn Team

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1006 Lamont Street

Kingport, TN 37664

Northeast Tennessee District 7 SKYWARN serves the 7 counties of Carter, Greene, Hawkins, Johnson, Sullivan, Unicoi, & Washington. We service the National Weather Service in Morristown, Tennessee. Training / activation nets are held on the KE4CCB 146.700- MHz (PL 77.0 Hz "when active"). Traning nets held every Thursday night at 01:00 UTC (9:00 P.M. Eastern). Net control will use the call WX4TN during training / activation nets. All severe weather reports are relayed via WX4MRX at the National Weather Service in Morristown, Tennessee.

National Weather Service in Morristown, Tennessee:

Status Level Green: An advisory for any of the counties in the district is issued by NWS Morristown or no severe weather is expected. Repeater will be operational as usual.

Status Level Yellow: A severe thunderstorm watch, tornado watch, or flash flood watch is issued for any of the counties in the district by NWS Morristown. Severe weather will likely occur in our area. Please keep all conversations to the point on the repeater and be prepared to relinquish the repeater to net control should the watch be upgraded to a warning.

Status Level Red: A severe thunderstorm warning, tornado warning, or flash flood warning has been issued for any of the counties in the district by NWS Morristown. This means severe weather is occurring in our area. Take cover. The severe WX net will be operational at this time and the repeater will only be open to emergency traffic, severe reports, or questions about the storm. No other traffic will be permitted on the repeater. All traffic must go through net control.

Our meetings are held every last Saturday of each month at the Crossroads Christian Church, 1300 Suncrest Dr., Johnson City, Tennessee at 11:00 UTC (7:00 P.M. Eastern).

WX4TN Northeast Tennessee District 7 SKYWARN Admistration

District Coordinator Erik McCord (WX4ET)

Assistant District Coordinator Chuck Short (KK4JHL)

Administrative Assistant Mary Robinson (KJ4LRV)

Carter County Coordinator Jerry Lake (KD4NH)

Greene County Coordinator Justin Brown (AK4BO)

Hawkins County Coordinator Ron Burns (KI4TN)

Johnson County Coordinator None

Sullivan County Coordinator None

Unicoi County Coordinator David Stonecypher (KK4QML)

Washington County Coordinator Scott Starnes (KV4MT)

If You Want info on Skywarn and How to Participate Please Email us: dc {at}, our website is

SKYWARN is an organization of Severe Weather Spotters trained by the National Weather Service. Many Skywarn Spotters are Amateur Radio Operators who make use of portable and mobile radio to report severe weather conditions through their local Skywarn net to the National Weather Service.

Most National Weather offices also have toll free telephone numbers for severe weather reports. Anyone interested in Skywarn may attend training and participate as Severe Weather Spotters. Training programs are generally conducted in the spring of each year. These spotter training classes are taught by the National Weather Service Personal.

Skywarn is a very important service to and for the National Weather Service. The Skywarn spotters located in different Towns and Communities with there eyes and ears and radios help give advance notice to help the Weather Service to issue watches and warning early to save lives.

National SKYWARN Website


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