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Accepts QSL via:
e-qsl: NO
mail QSL:NO

lookups: 251289

Welcome ........
very happy to see you, thank you for opening my database.
In Amateur Radio activities, I always try to do the best with a low profile and simple style appropriate,... because I know my abilities and as a condition of Amateur Radio is very less, just because of the willingness and support me to make spirit.
Thank you to who have understood and supported me over the years.
Activated in Amateur Radio Since 1982 - 1984 with Callsign YD8QJY .
1984 - 1997 my callsign has turned into YD8RSW ,
1997 - 2000 My callsign changed from Technical License to General License as YD8RSW to "YC8RSW"
And the last in 2000 until now, my callsign changed into YB8RW - YB8RW/P - YB8RW/0 - YB8RW/3 - YB8RW/5 ......
Simple Antenna Base (Homebrew) Enjoy for DXing.............. with simple hamsack
Medal for WLOTA #2516 - 2014
DXpedition style QSL services
My operational activity :
Following some of both National and International Contests and several Amateur Radio activities if there is time.
My Activation QRV from Base Station & DXpeditions as below :
OC-146 QRV on from my homebase station as Celebes Island :
Search in Club Log as YB8RW :
  • OC-021 QRV from homebase Station Java Island ( Jakarta) by: YB8RW op : YB8RW/0
  • search in Club Log :
  • OC-145 QRV from Ternate Island with YC8TRZ homebase on March - June 1998 op : YC8RSW/P
  • OC-236 IOTA DXpedition "CELEBES COASTAL ISLAND" on Lembeh Island (I) 20 - 23 Oct'2000
  • "IOTA Millenium Programme 2000" op: YC8RSW/P with YC8TXW/P & YC8UFF/P.
  • OC-236 : Bunaken Island On May '2013 -- op: YB8RW/P with team.
  • OC-236 : Lembeh Island (II) QRV ON 29 January 2014 - 01 February 2014 op : YB8RW/P WLOTA LH#2516 DXpedtition QRV on 29 January 2014 - 01 February 2014 op : YB8RW

OC-209 & OC-210 TOUR OF IOTA DXpedition "NORTHERN INDONESIA" 11 February 2014 - 11 Maret 2014, op: YB8RW/P this operation supporting by : "INDONESIAN ISLANDS HUNTER GROUP" for as below:

QSLing :
via Postmail

Those who claim QSL via Postmail

1 QSLcard , i need 2 IRC + SASE and need your QSLCard per 1 island or per IOTA Reff
and please send directly to my Address, I will reply immediately for QSL card I received and send to your address.
I will not serve if it does not fit this demand, or is not in my Log Sheet
thanks for understanding !
No via Bureau QSLs !!!
I hope you can request my QSL via ''OQRS "
( Online QSLs Request System )
I will send to your address directly !
Apologize me if any of my QSLing Services unsatisfactory, i always to do smooth and best !!
a small notes:
Hello friends,
All of the QSL requests (OQRS), I make sure that no more than one week I've sent a reply.
If you have not received more than 3 months, it means that the card which I had sent was lost on the way.
for the QSL cards, I'm only responsible for the reply and send it at my local post office.
however, as we all know that sometimes for the postal service to deliver a letter is not always good.
one day, a letter arrived quickly, sometimes too long and may even be lost.
Post office job is out of our control.
and the loss of the card which is not by me is also not my responsibility.
I suggest that you to make the "Request Again" via OQRS.
I will certainly reply.
I hope you can understand.
thank you.
Untuk teman-teman ORARI, kirim QSL Card anda ke Alamat saya
beserta amplop kosong yg sudah tertempel perangko,
juga ditulis alamat anda di amplop kosong tsb.
agar saya segera membalasnya, terima kasih.
thanks for looking :
Club Log ok, LoTW ok


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