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QSL: 'QSL via M0OXO - Bureau requests ONLY via OQRS'

Leo B. Bobila, cs

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e-qsl: YES
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OC-151 will again be ON THE AIR!!! January 21,22 and 24, 2017 and a few days before and after July 11-12, 2017. I will be transmitting near the towns of Bajawa and Soa (January 2017) and later (July 2017) in Maumere and near Labuanbajo and hopefully also in the town of Ruteng. All QSLs and info are available via M0OXO.

IOTA Chasers who had QSO with me since 2004-2013 on OC-151 can still continue to request their QSL Cards via Charles M0OXO. I will try my best, even if rare, to activate OC-151 in the future for brief periods of time. I will either announce it here or on RSGB IOTA website or other DX bulletins. I will never forget my IOTA OC-151 Flores Island ham adventure and all the hams who were part of it. Thank you very much indeed! 73 to all!!!

IOTA OC-151 and GRID PI01fj as well as PI11ci QSLs can be obtained via Charles M0OXO (OQRS) at:

''QSL via M0OXO - Bureau requests ONLY via OQRS''


I got interested first in radio when I saw a schematic of a crystal radio in my high school years. I wanted to build one but it was a failure. Since then, I began to teach myself how electronics and electricity work so as to homebrew things. I always loved science and other technical things. Experimenting and homebrewing are two of the best things I like most in the hobby. I like hamming very much, collecting stamps with my younger brother and collecting fossils. I began hamming in 1997.

I began hamming in Ruteng, Flores, Indonesia when I transferred QTH on the island in 2004 with the call sign of YC9MLL. Now, I am in the town of Maumere, Flores.

I would like to extend a very sincere thanks to all the hams who had helped me become a ham when they saw an article about me by Bill Welsh, W6DDB (SK) in CQ magazine in 1997. My very first Elmers, especially Robert, N2WSO (now KG2RU/4), the ARRL and CW Philippines folks and to all my ham friends who continue to be my Online Elmers. I will pass the help around. 73!

My Homebrew Vertical Antenna with some students helping me to put it up for a CW QSO near Grid PI11ci.


I am living on Flores island (IOTA OC-151) for the past 9 years. I was in Ruteng more than 5 years ago and now in Maumere. I am the only active ham so far in the area of Maumere as most hams have either SK, migrated or not active anymore after the 1992 earthquake.

I am glad to be of service to the wider ham community by providing contacts for OC-151. One may contact me at my email address anytime and I'll get back to you as soon as I can.

Please QSL via M0OXO OQRS and if possible, one may also use eQSL to help me in my eDX Awards points. A paper QSL card to M0OXO will also be greatly appreciated.

I do not accept "green stamps". IRCs are OK but not obligatory. This is my way of saying thanks to all the hams from other countries that had helped me through these years, especially when I was still starting in ham radio.

I use cellphone e-mail most of the time as we are outside the town. This is the reason why sometimes, my e-mail replies are slow and short. I live downhill but if there are contacts that want a QSO and the downhill antenna cannot hear them, I usually haul up my equipment on hilltop to be able to have a decent QSO.

I transmit barefoot into a homebrew vertical using a 33 ft. MFJ whip with a tuner and an RG-58 cable on top of the roof. My vertical have 25 radials of assorted lengths. 73 to all.

Ham friends who prefer to use the QSL BURO, please request ALL buro cards via OQRS only. Please DO NOT send your Qsl Card via the Buro, they are not required.

Ham friends who would like a QSL for OC-042 and OC-129 operations kindly check DW1OXL site and they can also be requested from M0OXO.

Field day in Nangalili beach, Manggarai Barat, Flores NTT

Some field day operations in the past....

Field day antenna in Talibura beach, near Maumere, Flores NTTFirst shack on PI01fj (Ruteng, Flores NTT)

Sometimes, my ham shack serves double duty. This is my trusted Ten-Tec Scout 555.

The homebrew vertical on the roof top just below the hill. The radials are
AWG 18 enamel wires to hide it from view. This ismy DXantenna.
My homebrew antenna system with a 'wish list' for additional radials when the neighbors will
allow and when some busted transformers will be available for recycled copper wires.
Thanks to Charles M0OXO and Rick K6VVA for introducing me to this new part of the hobby: QSL Management and Thanks for all the hams out there helping me put OC-151 FLORES ISLAND once more ON THE AIR!!!


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