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QSL: QSL direct: 3/19-21 Eastern Rd, Turramurra, NSW, 2074, Australia

Chris Ayres

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Thanks to everyone who called me during my recent activityfrom Vanuatu as YJ0CA from 11th to14th October 2017. Activity was onlyon 20m and 40m due to the limited time available, both in planning and operating time on the island.

Equipment was fairly simple for this first operation, with a 1/4 wave vertical using elevated radials for 40m, and a dipole for 20m.

Further operation from Vanuatu in November 2017 at the same location was also made,with activity from1st thru 7th November and 16th to 22nd November. Another operation in early 2018 (approx 14th to 21stJanuary) is expected.

QSL is direct to my home callsign, VK2YUS, using the new address shown below (as my home QTH is nowin Turramurra,a suburb in Sydney).

QSL to:

Chris Ayres,

3/19-21 Eastern Rd,

Turramurra, NSW, 2074


IMPORTANT: Please note that the old QRZ.comaddress details, as well as the details on many other Ham websites are out of date,so please don't send QSL cards to the oldKilleaton Street address as unfortunately they will not be made available to me.

To helpcover return postage costs for QSL cards, it would be appreciated if the following assistance could be provided:

a) Australian hams:an SASE with your card.

b) International hams: US$2,or 2 fresh (newly purchased) IRC



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