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QSL: Direct via Z33Z, LoTW, eQSL, Z3 Buro

Radio Club Nikola Tesla

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lookups: 1950

Radio club "Nikola Tesla" from Stip is founded 1947. First callsign wasYU5GBC
which was used since Macedonian independence from YU in 1991. After that, callsign
was4N5GBCand since Macedonia gotZ3prefix call was changed toZ37GBC.
As one of most active HF clubs in Macedonia, there were many usedspecial
callsigns like4O0WCY, YT5R,YZ0G, 4N9ARG, 4N5M, Z39UN, Z30RM,Z39HAM,
Z360MandZ30Mas our contest call. In May 2002 callsign is changed toZ37M
and first activity with this call was made during our DX-pedition in Turkey for WPX
CW contest(TA0/Z37M). During last 20 years our club hosted many HAM`s from
all over the world. It is still open for everybody who in any case visit Macedonia.


This year we celebrate 70 years of our club. Activity will take place from 01.10.2017

till the end of the year with special callsign Z370M. All QSO`s will be confirmed via

LoTW, eQSL and paper QSL cards goes to Z3 Buro or direct. LZ1JZwill print the

cards andlabels and sent them out via the BURO. 73 and CU on the air...


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