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Pete Gladysz

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My 7th Radio Trip to the Caymans is ongoing January 14-21, 2018 along with an entry in the NAQP SSB Contest.

Sunday Jan 14 1200 - 1500, 40M - 53 contacts, S9+ Noise, receive antenna not up yet, 20M 191 contacts, Very windy here, 4-8' waves on the beach. The Cayman Cookout Brunch with Anthony Bordane is the afternoon activity.

Monday Jan15 TBD

Tuesday Jan16 TBD

Wednesday Jan 17 TBD

Thursday Jan 18, actually 19 at 0330 to 0430, Starton 49 and will go to 80M at 0100top of Hour and try 160 the Bottom of the Hour

Friday Jan 19 TBD

Saturday Jan 20 1300 - -1730 20 thru 10 Meters, NAQP Contest starts at 1800


My 6thRadio Trip to the CaymansoccuredJanuary 14-22, 2017 along with an entry in the NAQP SSB Contest.Brought along a SAL 20 Receive Antenna for the station.

NAQP Contest Update - 1038 Contacts - 13th Overallin SOLP, 49 States and 20 Countries

Weekly Totals - 2323 Contacts, 50 States and 54 Countries plus 2 dives, 2 rounds of Golf and the Cayman Cookout


6 Day Total w/o Contest: 1776 Contacts, 50 states and 64 Countries in 20.5 Hours of Holiday Operation.

January 16 NAQP Contest: 1075 Contacts = 49 States +8 Provinces and 15 Countries. 10 Hour Contest, 9th OVERALL in SOLP

For The Week: 2884 Contacts, 50 States and66 counties plus 4 Dives, 1 Round of Golf and again Dinner at the Cayman Cookout

[LoTW uploaded 2/2/16, QSL Cards and EQSLare Current]

LoTW on Line. QSL via K8PGJ. Your QSL card and a SASE or $2 US will get a returned QSL card. IRC's not accepted.

Jimmy Buffet's Margaritaville, Grand Cayman from Rum Pointe, Playing with the Stingrays

Working out of a Great Antenna Farm with all band capability. Modest Station included an Elecraft K3 at 100 watts & Heil Proset Headset.

73's from the Warm, Sunny, and Deep Diving Cayman Islands.


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