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2017 Satellite Update

That's the sun setting on the last XW2C pass on February 28, 2017.

Thanks to everyone that patiently worked usunder rainy, sunny, windy and dark Field Day-type operating conditions. We (ZF2SC and ZF2FB) were using hastily-builthomebrew antennas, a Corona-equipped ZF2FB as the master satellite tracker, and a couple venerable shack in the boxrigs, an original FT-817 and an IC-706 Mk2G.

If you had difficulty with us hearing you, it probably wasn't your fault. We had only 3 and 6 element fixed elevation linearly- polarized WA5VJB Cheap Yagis, eastern passes obstructed up to about 35 degrees, and some odd reflections from lots of metal around and above our balcony, all making reception tough at times. The linear polarization was especially problematic,aswe would often just start tohear someone as a slow polarization shift took them down into the noise. Next time a pre-amp and circularly polarized antennas, for sure.

But we had a great time, working 110 Qs,67 grid squares and 11 countries in a few days on FO-29 and all the XWs, and will be back soon. I do really recommend taking some sat gear along if you're doing an island holiday.

The sat logs have all been uploaded to LOTW, so if you think you worked us and we don't match, please send me the contact details direct. The logging was all old style clock and paper, outside in the aforementioned rain, sun, wind and dark, so a transcription error on my (SC's) part is certainly possible.

73 Scott ZF2SC and Ron ZF2FB


Since 2000.

Most recent HF operation February 22 through March 1, 2017, on 40 through 12 meters.

LOTW is updated through March 1, 2017.

QSLing via LOTW, direct to KA9P,or via buro. If you have any confirmation issues please email, and your confirmation should soon come.


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