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Carson Mc Afee

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Carson McAfee

Last Updated on: 21/06/2014

QSL Info

My QSL Manager is Bev McAFee. For QSL queries please email .

I would be honoured if you would send me your QSL card! I am new to the Ham world, but I would really like to collect as many unique cards as I can. Every card is a memory and record of a unique radio contact.

You can check my logs for our QSO with the check window Below. Big thanks to CLUBLOG for this facility!

English: Please QSL to this address only. Include 2 USD if you can afford it, and Self Addressed Envelopes would be greatly appreciated. You can also use PayPal. The PayPal email is Please do not send emails to this address, only use it for PayPal. Please include Call Sign and QSO information in comments section of PayPal. Cards will be processed on arrival at the postal address below. For all QSL queries please email .

Italiano: Per favore inviate la vostra QSL esclusivamente a questo indirizzo. E gradita una contribuzione di 2 USD se la potete sostenere, ed una busta pre-indirizzata (SAE). Potete inviare anche una donazione PayPal a . Per favore non inviate email a questo indirizzo, usatelo solo per PayPal. Inserite il vostro nominativo e i dati del QSO nella sezione commento di PayPal. Le QSL saranno processate in ordine di arrivo allindirizzo indicato di seguito. Per ogni ulteriore info rivolgetevi a

Espaol: Por favor envi su QSL a mi direccin, incluyendo 2USD si puede, en un sobre autodirigido. Usted tambin puede utilizar PayPal. Para ello la direccin de pago es: - Por favor no enviar emails a esta direccin ya que solo es para este servicio. Incluya tambin su indicativo y datos del qso en el apartado de PayPal correspondiente. Las QSl sern procesadas a su llegada y enviadas a su direccin. Para cualquier consulta

Deutsch: Bitte QSL nur an diese Adresse senden. Fgen Sie 2 USD an, wenn Sie es sich leisten knnen und bitte auch einen selbst adressierten Briefumschlag wenn moeglich. Sie knnen auch PayPal verwenden. Die PayPal-E-Mail ist:

Bitte keine E-Mails an diese Adresse senden, benutzen Sie diese nur fr PayPal. Bitte geben Sie Ihr Rufzeichen und die QSO Informationen ein als Kommentar in PayPal.

QSL Karten werden bei der Ankunft an der Adresse unten bearbeitet. Fr alle QSL Fragen wenden Sie sich bitte per E-Mail an: zs8c.carson @

: QSL . , 2 USD , . . QSL PayPal. PayPal:

! , PayPal! PayPal , , QSO. , QSL ,

Francais: S.V.P. envoyez votre QSL a mon adresse avec 2 USD si possible, dans une enveloppe a votre adresse. Vous pouves aussi utiliser Paypal via: mais 'nenvoyez pas demail a cette adresse qui est pour ce service uniquement. Mettez votre indicatif et les infos du QSO dans lespace de Paypal reserve a cet usage. Les QSL seront repondues des leur arrivee et envoyees a votre adresse. Pour toure info contactez-moi via:

QSL to this address only:

Carson McAfee

P.O. Box 1585

Allens Nek




South Africa

Requesting your QSL card:

Once you have confirmed that you are in my log, you can request your card in the followng ways:

1. You can request your card through ClubLog directly. My manager will then process your card and post it directly to you. It is then not necissary for you to send me a your QSL card, however I would really appreciate it if you do! I would like to have my own collection of QSL cards when I get home. You can post your QSL card to the address above.

2. You can send your card direct to the address above, along with a Self Address Envelope (SAE), and 2 USD. If you cannot afford to send 2 USD, then I will still send you my QSL card when yours arrives. My manager will process your card when it arrives. Please note that if you know of anyone who would like a card but is struggling financially, please email my manager and we will send them a card immediately.

3. You can also request a QSL card through PayPal. Send 2 USD to through PayPal. Please do not send queries to this address, rather use . Remember to clearly indicate that the QSO is with ZS8C, and include QSO details, as well as your address and call sign. My manager will then process your card and post it to you directly to you. It is then not necissary for you to send me a your QSL card, however I would really appreciate it if you do! I would like to have my own collection of QSL cards when I get home. You can post your QSL card to the address above.

4. You can also make a Buro Request. You can request a Buro card through ClubLog, or you can send your QSL card to me through your Buro, and I will reply with mine when yours arrives.

Please note that I have uploaded ALL my contacts to LoTW.


Post Trip Notifications

Please note that I am now home again in South Africa. The ZS8C call sign will no longer be active (unless I manage to get back to the island some time in the future).

POSTED ON 21/06/2014: I would just like to say thank you to everyone that I made contact with over the past year. It has been a very enjoyable experience, and I will never forget it. Unfortunately I could not make contact with everyone, but that is just a part of the hobby. I hope that everyone I did make contact with had fun. In my opinion that is the most important part of this hobby. If your not having fun, then you are doing something wrong. I really enjoyed meeting new people, and learning about different places in the world. I will be honest and say that I made contact with some countries I didnt know existed. Ha ha ha. Lots of fun.

I would just like to say a big thank you to everyone who helped with the QSL translations above! VA3DXA, YL2HX, EA3BDE, JE1LET, IT9FGA and F4GBE all contributed.

I would like to also say a big thanks to: ZS1HF, F5UKW, JE1LET, 7K4DHB, M0BJL and IT9FGA. You all became very good friends during the year, and helped me in many ways. You also helped many others get a ZS8 contact. Thank you very much!

I have only recently settled at home again, and I was truly surprised by the amount of QSL cards that were waiting for me! Unbelievable! Thanks to everyone who sent me their cards. They are all very special to me. I have already started working through all of them. My favourite ones are the old QSL cards, as well as the ones that show off your country. It is going to be difficult to show all of them to my friends!

As for the QSL process this side: My QSL manager is completely up to date with all QSL requests. If you made a request, and have been waiting for longer than a month, then something has gone wrong. At the moment it takes a maximum of 1 week for cards to be processed, and on average 1 week for the card to arrive in the post. So if you have been waiting for longer than a month, please contact my QSL manager ( and she will make a plan to get my QSL card delivered to you. Please pass this message to anyone waiting for my QSL card. This is not one of those operations where you have to wait 6 months to a Year before getting any feedback. And if you are planning on requesting a QSL card, then please do it as soon as possible. I will always make sure that every QSL request is dealt with, however my QSL manager is my mother, and she may not always be able to process my cards (which would mean longer delays in the future).

As promised, here are some pictures from the island:


General Details

My name is Carson McAfee (ZS8C or ZR6CWI), and I will be on Marion Island from May 2013 - May 2014. During this time there is no contact from the outside world, with exception to Radio, Internet, Telephones, Satellite Phones... so I suppose that is not entirely true. A more accurate description would be that there is no physical contact to the outside world. The ship only comes past once a year! Currently there is a 20 person team stationed on the island. Most of the team members are here to conduct academic research on the island and its animal inhabitants. I am stationed on the island to collect Space Weather data for SANSA (South African National Space Agency). Work always comes first on the island, but when I get time I enjoy playing with my Radio ... which is why you are reading this.

I have a Kenwood TS-570s, connected to a Broadgun Antenna (through a very long transmission line which probably dissipates a lot of my power). The antenna itself is located directly behind our Emergency Base/Helicopter Hanger, which unfortunately causes a large amount of interference. Due to the island being a protected reserve, there are a number of valid and sensible rules that prohibit me from changing the setup. So given my 100 watt rig, long transmission line, and badly placed antenna, my signal has proven a bit difficult to pick up sometimes (please keep that in mind).

My preferred method of making contact is to arrange a "private" sked between a couple of HAMs. Feel free to drop me an email at : . I dont mind getting contacted directly. Try and include your call sign in the subject line of the email (Ie: Sked for - ABC1XYZ). This will help me manage the contacts. Also I am open to you suggesting the sked Date, Time and Frequency. You suggest the time that would best suit you, and I will try and make it happen. At the moment I only do Voice/SSB contacts. If this changes, then I will post here.

Please note that I will use this website almost solely for details about my operations here on the islands. I will try and do regular posts regarding contacts made, and changes in sked times ect. So if you need any info, on making contact, or sending QSL cards, please refer to this site first! There have been a number of articles posted about the ZS8 stations, but I cannot change those directly. So please spread the word. Look here on for the most up to date info on whats happening on the island.



POSTED_ON_29/04/2014: This will be my last post from the island! Unfortunately I will be leaving the island tomorrow, and should be back in South Africa on the 6th May. You may have noticed that I have not been on the radio for a while. The past few weeks have been very busy. There was a lot of work to do before the Ship arrived, and there has been even more work training my replacement for the island. My new replacement is not qualified for radio, so there is no chance of him operating. The new radio technicial on the island is a Ham, and he may operate in his free time.

Overall I think that my radio operations have been very succesful (especially given that I was not running a DXpedition). I have really enjoyed getting involved in the Ham Radio world, and I have had fun meeting and talking to so many interesting people. I just want to say thank you for all the positive replies/comments that I have received.

I will write a better post when I am back in South Africa (still a bit rushed this side), but I just wanted to say thanks for all the fun I had operating on the radio. In about a month I will write a full post, and describe where the excess QSL funds will be donated to. There are a number of Charities that have caught my attention.

To all of those people that I did not manage to make contact with... SORRY. I tried my best to make contact with as many people as I could. I will try reply to every email request while I am on the ship.

I have also managed to stamp about 80 of my QSL cards with the Marion Island stamp. So some of you may be betting cards that have actually been on the island!

I will also try and load some pictures of the island when I get home.

73's from Marion Island!


POSTED_ON_20/01/2014: It has been a long time since I made a post! So this will be a long one.

I would like to start by saying thank you to VA3DXA for the German Translation above, and YL2HX for the Russian translation.

As some of you may have noticed, I now have two versions of my QSL card. The first card is one I designed myself. It is a double sided card with the front showing an APT Weather Satellite image I got here on the island. In the center you can see a small yellow dot, and that is Marion Island! There are also some nice pictures of animals. I also like to think I made the back of the card quite nice (those of you that have the card wll know what I an talking about). I wont post an image of it here (it makes it faster for me to load the page without images), but I am sure there are quite a few of you that already have it. This is quite a special card to me, so I hope you like it. I would like to say a big thanks to Gennady UX5UO for donating the first 1000 cards!

My second card is a very proffesional looking foldover card! You can see it here: . This card was designed by my friend F5UKW, and he also donated the first 2000 cards for my operation. It is also quite a specal card, and shows off quite a lot about the island. Most of the first cards sent out have been from the first design. From now on my manager will try and keep the first card for buro request (it is a beter design for Buro processing), and the second design for direct QSL's. However I will leave it to my Manager to decide which card will be used in replying. Both cards are really nice, so I really hope you like whichever one arrives.

There have also been some changes to the QSL process. Matt McAfee (my brother) has been my manager for the last 4 months. I think he has done a brilliant job, and has already sent out 400 cards. Thank you very much to all the positive responces sent about my brother. He is not a Ham, and has been dropped in the deep end of our wierd little culture! However my brother needs to focus on his studies in the coming year, so he will no longer be my manager. Bev McAfee (my mother) will now be my manager for the rest of my operation. She started yesterday, and has been very busy replying to requests! She has more free time, and I would expect many of you have already started to receive emails from her. But in summary, everything will continue to operate as normal. She has taken over directly from my brother, and there is no need to email additional requests.

Recently I have been very active on 15m. I am generally camped out on 21.360 (or 21.365 if there is noise). I am not aware with any problem with this, so I will keep doing it for a while (let me know if I am breaking any major rules). There is a method to my approach. By staying on the same band I have managed to work most of the big stations in Europe. This now leaves the small stations and week signals (NA, SA, JA, ect). I have already noticed that it is simpler to work the smaller stations, and recently I have managed to get a ZS8 contact to quite a few new people. I will keep doing this for a while before switching to a different band. My feeling is that a first contact means more to someone, than trying to work through the bands. So if you are trying to work me on multiple bands, just be patient for a little bit longer.

I have been enjoying myself quite a lot on the radio recently. I think the radio bug has started to bite. Currently I have 116 countries logged from 6000 contacts (not unique). I get quite excited now when a new country pops up! I have had quite a few contacts from people with over 320 different countries logged, and I am now starting to really understand the work that has gone into making those contacts. Well done!

NOTE: All my contacts from October 2013 and earlier may have noticed that my QSL details have changes quite drastically from that time. During that period I changed QSL managers, QSL addresses, PayPal accounts, almost everything! So if you sent a QSL request during that period just check that it went to the address/details listed above. If you sent your QSL card/PayPal request to my old manager, then please send me an email so that I can track your request, and try send you my card sooner. Anything sent to my old manager is mixed with cards/requests for ZS8Z, so my manager has not received any of them.

NOTE: With the QSL process, it is fully acceptable to do everything through ClubLog. They offer a really conveneint service that makes my managers process much simpler. There have been a few people who have asked if there is a difference between requesting a direct card from ClubLog, or requesting a card using PayPal. Essentially it is the same thing, so dont worry. I would prefer if it went through ClubLog, because they help manage the requests. You can also make a Buro Request on ClubLog, which my manager will start sending off very soon. Many of you may have also noted that there is a message inside ClubLog when making a direct request. Basically it says that if you cannot afford to send 2$ then you have two options. Either make a buro request, or post me your card direct (without PayPal or USD) and my manager will still post you my card. Every card that arrives will be replied to. This is a serious offer. I am not running a business this side, I am just having fun on a radio. The 2$ would be nice to cover costs (it takes a lot of time and admin), with any excess going to a good cause when I get back.

NOTE: If you make a PayPal request, or ClubLog request you do not HAVE to send me your card. I will not hold anything against you, or withhold your card. However I would really appreciate getting your card for my collection. I am very excited to see my cards when I get back!

NOTE: LoTW. I upload to LoTW once a week (generally on a Monday).


POSTED_ON_29/12/2013: I hope everyone had a good Christmas! We all had a good time here on the Island.

Many Thanks to EA3BDE for the Spanish translation above.

I would like to wish everyone, and their families a very Happy New Year!


POSTED ON 12/12/2013: Ok, good news and bad news. Bad news is that I will be away from the radio for a while. 15 Dec until after Christmas. I need to spend some time enjoying the island... I am sure most of you will understand. The good news is that I am using LoTW now! Big thanks to the ARRL for helping me out, they had to make special arrangements to help me out. And we are also putting up a new antenna mast for my antenna, which should be higher than the old one! So hopefully my signal will improve. I am really hoping to make more North American and South American contacts (I promise, I am trying).

I am still working through the sked request, but it is taking a while. So hold on, I will try and get to you. I might try setting a timetable for skeds, and invite 20-30 stations to join. I think that might also work.

In summary, I just want to say thanks to everyone for the contacts. I am enjoying meeting all of you, and learning about your countrys! I have 89 contacts so far on my DXCC, so I am close to my first 100!


POSTED ON 26/11/2013: I think it has been quite a succesful weekend! I worked 10m on Saturday and Sunday, and 15m on Monday. I will probably try and work these two bands a lot more in the future, and hopefully make contact with as many new people as possible.

I am also pleased to announce that ZS8C (me) and ZS8Z (David) have been granted our DXCC accreditation! There are a number of people who have already got their cards, and everyone else will get theirs soon. There is a bit of a delay with the PayPal requested, but they will be sent out soon.

I would also like to thank Masa san (JE1LET) for the Japanese translation for my QSL information!


POSTED ON 18/11/2013: There have been a couple of new developments on the island. On 15/11/2013 ZS8Z and I ran a new transmission line up to my antenna. This new line has significantly less loss, so my effective radiated power should have increased! Yesterday I was working 10m, and I acually got a 59+20 signal report from someone in Europe! Unbelievable! But keep in mind my rig is still only 100W, so I doubt I will get signals like this to the USA.

I have also been made aware that I do not have DXCC accreditation yet. Apologies to anyone who was hoping to apply for their DXCC awards in the immediate future. I am trying to sort this out, and I wil post here when it has been fixed. Once this is sorted I will also be uploading my log to LoTW. So be patient, I will get this all sorted. Ha ha ha.

Other than that, thanks to everyone I have made contact with so far. I have really been enjoying it. I am still working through the skeds, so dont worry if I have not replied yet. 73's!


POSTED ON 10/11/2013: Hello anyone reading this. It has been a fun couple of days. I am still working through the Sked Requests, so dont worry if you have not got a reply back yet, I will get to you. There are about 70 requests that I have not replyed to yet. I typically try and work someone until we get our QSO (you will appreciate that aswell when it is your turn, ha ha ha). In addition to the planned skeds, I have also been trying to work a couple of hours every Sunday. Not sure if I will make that a strict plan, but it is convenient at the moment. I should be on later today, so keep an eye on DXwatch (I have been spotting myself, which I know is bad practice, but it speeds things up a bit).

This week David ZS8Z helped me make a Foot Switch, as well as a small audio amp for my Computer headphones and Mic, so now I will have both hands free for the next pileup! I am still a bit slow entering log information into the computer, but that will improve with practice. I am also hoping to get my logbook onto an online location so that people can check it easily. I have also been informed that there is a Pirate using my call sign. He was apparently quite active on the 31/10/2013. I only made contact with OM3JW on that date, so apologies to anyone who has been tricked. So far the only days when I have worked a pileup are 27/10/2013, 3/11/2013, 9/11/2013. So if you have heard my call sign being usd in pileups on other days it is probably the pirate!

I just want to say a big thank you to IT9FGA for helping me translate some of this page into Italian. As you may be able to see by my spelling, I struggle enough with english, ha ha ha, so I appreciate the help. I hope to do the same for Japanese and German next.


POSTED ON 30/10/2013: This Sunday I went onto the radio and worked 10m for a bit during the Contest! Wow! That was a lot of fun! It was the first time I have ever worked a pileup, so appologies if I was not doing something correct. In about 4 hours I made 200 contacts, which is probably not that impressive, but fun regardless! I am busy investigating a "logbook" program for use in future pileups. I run Arch Linux (one of the better linux distrbutions I have worked with), and an currently trying "xlog". Once I get it up and running, I will try and post a summarised list of call signs I made contact with on Sunday. I dont think I will be sending in my log (unless there is some rule that I have to).

Also note that MY QSL CARDS ARE DONE! I am very excited. The first batch is being sent out this friday. W1JK will be the first person getting my QSL card. For everyone else that I made contact with so long ago, I apologise for the wait! I will be emailing everyone individually, and you will get your cards soon!

I was initially going to post an image of my QSL card here, but I decided to leave it as a surprise for those of you getting one! Ha ha. I designed the card myself, so it will not be the most profesional card you have ever seen, but I think it will be impressive regardless. I have tried to show off the island, more than my radio equipment (I promise the island is more impressive than my technical setup).

As for the sked requests, I am a bit backlogged at the moment, so if you havent received a reply yet, dont worry. I have specifically not been replying to too many Americans. My setup is not ideal for you guys. I am tweeking my antenna at the moment to see if I can get a better signal in your direction. Typically I find that I can hear you, but you cannot hear me. When I get it a bit better, I will start working you guys a bit more, I promise! Keep sending requests through, I will get to everyone! Once I have replied to you I try and keep working you unitl we make contact. Hang in there, I will get to everyone!

NOTE: Many people write to me and say how well they can hear David ZS8Z. Please dont get your hopes up for a similar signal from me. Ha ha ha. David is our radio tech on the island, and has got quite a nice setup (as he should). His antenna is situated in a better place (nice and high with no interference from nearby objects). His transmission line is also quite good, and has a lot less loss than mine. In addition to this he is running a linear amplifier, and pushes out a lot more power than me. My antenna is situated directly behind our Helicopter Hanger (almost completely blocking out the East, which I think is the long path to America). The building itself would act as a ground plane, and I think given its proximity (about 1 meter) it will have negative effects on my signal propogation. I am not an expert, but I have that feeling. The antenna is then connected to about 300m of LM231, and then directly to my Kenwood TS-570s 100W rig. So adding all of that together, I would imagine that my actual propogated power directed towards the USA is far below what it should be for that sort of contact. Ha ha ha. Please keep this in mind when we make contact. I am normally that little voice fighting with the bottom of the noise band in your radio. Having said that though, it is not impossible!

Thank you to everyone who I have made contact with so far! I have had tons of fun making contact. I am always surprised when I get an email from guys who have been in radio for over 40 years, or who have built their entire shack from scratch! I enjoy hearing about that sort of stuff during our contact!


POSTED ON 24/10/2013: It has been a busy few days. My email inbox was beginning to look a bit messy, but I have managed to keep it under control. So far I have managed to make a few good contacts! Thanks to everyone for taking the time to do that. If there are more people who want to try and request a sked, please feel free to pop me an email. While writing this there are only 24 people I havent managed to reply to, so if you havent got a reply yet, hang in there, I am getting to you. Big thanks to VK4MA. We managed to have a great sked on 40 m today.

THIS IS IMPORANT, SO PLEASE SPREAD THE WORD. I have changed the address that the QSL cards get sent to (see below). Pierre ZS1HF is still my QSL manager, but my brother has decided that he wants to get involved in the QSL process. What this means is that ZS8C and ZS8Z cards will be processed separately. I do far fewer contacts than David, so hopefully I can get my cards sent out sooner. Please note that if you have sent your cards to the old address, dont worry! Your cards will be processed!

As you will have noticed, I have only just started getting active on the air (and will try and stay that way as long as I can). What this also means is that I have only just finalised my QSL cards! I am printing just a few now to respond to the contacts I made when I first arrived here. I will try and post a picture tomorrow. The first batch of cards should sent out this weekend. Huge apologies to ZS1YT, V51WW, ZS6TAN, W0KEU, W1JK, D02AT (just to name a few) for the long wait. Now that my cards are done, and I have a private card processor, the reply time in the QSL process should be much faster (solely dependant on the postal service).

Thanks to whoever posted my email, and sked request on the DX news sites!


POSTED ON 23/10/2013 (evening): Ok. The incoming emails have increased dramatically! Thanks! I have read all of them. There are 29 people I have not replied to yet, but I will get back to you soon! Lots of people have asked if I can do Digital Modes. Unfortunately I cannot. Sorry. I wish I could help more, but for the moment that is not a possibility. If anything changes, I will post it here (but to be honest, I dont think it will). I would like to wish G0JHC and 9A5BS lots of luck with your hardware! :)


POSTED ON 23/10/2013: Wow! Last night I received almost 20 sked requests! Thank you all very much. I will work through all of them slowly, so be patient. If possible, could you include your call sign in the email subject line? It will help me manage the emails. I have already replied to about half of the requests sent through, so I will hopefully get to the rest soon!

When planning a sked a lot of people have asked what time suits me best. In general a contact can be quite quick, so I dont mind trying any time you think the propagation would be best. So essentially, if yo can suggest a Date, Time and Frequency, then I will let you know if I can make it. I have made contact on 40 m - 10 m, but I dont mind trying other bands (my radio can do 6 m).

Thanks again to everyone who emailed me. I will try and get to everyone as soon as I can! 73.


POSTED ON 22/10/2013: I have managed to move my radio into my office, making my HAM activities much simpler (I used to have it installed in our emergency base which can get a bit cold!). Recently I have started becoming more active on the air, and I am hoping to make a lot more contacts in the coming weeks and months. My preferred method of making contact is to arrange a "private" sked between a couple of HAMs. Please note that my signal is a bit weak due to my physical setup, so you might have to listen very closely. Due to island rules, I cannot upgrade my antenna, so I am stuck with what I have got.

If you would like to arrange a sked, please pop me an email. I look forward to meeting as many HAMs as I can. Thank you to everyone who has made contact with me. It is always exciting meeting different people from around the world, which is one of the things I enjoy the most!



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