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QSL: Bureau or Direct P.O.BOX 2090 ZIP 64.048-971 Teresina-PI-Brazil


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CANARIAS ISLAND SA- 072 (Caju Archipelago)
DX Expedition & ContestIOTA - 28,29e 30, July,2017

PS8RV Ronaldo Val

PS8AB Anselmo Barbosa
PS8NF Nelson Filho
Power - 100 WATTS

Bands - 10 - 15- 20 - 40 - 80 meters


Informations:IOTA SA-072 e DIB-MA03

Group Name: Grupo Estado do Maranho Leste

Localizao: 2.45S- 2.83S / 41.9W-43W

Grid Locator: GI97BF

Grupo Contm:

  • Caju
  • Canarias
  • Grande do Paulino
  • Poldros [AKA Potros]
Diplomas / Awards
IOTA - SA-072
DIB MA-05- Diploma de Ilhas Brasileiras
DXCC Brasil
WAB Labre - Work All Brazil - Estado do Maranho - Brasil

The territory of the Canary Island, part of the Parnaiba Delta is one of the natural spaces of the most diverse Brazilian Northeast in its composition, with fauna and flora widely represented by unique species, such as riparian forest, hanging roots that border the island in mangrove and animals that can be seen in its beauty up close.


Canary Island SA-072 (Caju Archipelago) and DIB MA-03.

Grid Location: GI97BF

Dxpedition - 28, 29and 30, July,2017.

Operators: PS8RV- PS8AB

Bands: 2 - 10 - 15- 20 - 40 - 80 meters.

Modes: Phonia.

Contacts valid to: DXCC (Brazil), DIB (Brazilian Island Award), WAB (Worked All Brazil - Brazilian Bureau).


Only direct to PS8RV. Please enclose 2 US$ or 1 new IRC with SAE.

Brazilian stations send SAE for return.

bandeira Contador


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