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Robert Babec

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Accepts QSL via:
e-qsl: YES
mail QSL:YES

lookups: 57875


E77E efective from 00:00 UTC 01.09.2008. Ex callsigns: YU4WU, T98U.

Op at E7A, E7DX,E7HQ (till 2012),E709WRC, E720RS, E750EBL...

Member of E74EBL, Akademski Radio Klub, Banja Luka

BHCC,Bosnia and Herzegovina Contest Club

BHCWC FC#001, Bosnia and Herzegovina CW Club, "First Certification" #001

CTC#606, Croatian Telegraphy Club (EUCW member)

10 band (160m-6m) DXCC confirmed, 8 band (80m-10m + WARC's) WAZ (all 40 zones) confirmed, 160m 32 zones confirmed yet.

I'm QSL-manager for: E7A, E7DX,E71DX,E74AW, E74EBL, E75A, E76C, E77DX, E79D, E79SD, E70A,E70YL,J28AA, 6O3A, 7S7V...

QSL cards prefer via E7 QSL-buro!

If you wish to send me QSLs direct, please follow the instructions:

To cover return postage, I prefer SASE and 2 green stamps, noIRC's any more please!Applications received direct but without a self-addressed envelope, without sufficient return postage, with old style or improperly stamped IRC's will receive confirmations via the bureau.

QSL CARDS in same envelope: No limit of weight, or number of cards.Registered mail is not necessary. Printed-matter and small packets are welcome too.Also, all letters are welcome with, or without return postage, I'm one of E7 QSL bureau managers.

E7 incoming QSL-buro manager: E73Y,Boris - or

E7 outgoing QSL-buro manager: E77E,Rob-

E7 QSL-buro info at: (under construction)

ANSWERS: All direct requests with covered postage I'm answering a same day via direct. All direct requests without return postage I'm answering a same day via the QSL-buro of the sender. All bureau and e-mail requests I'm answering as sun is possible via bureau too.We aren't dollar colectors ;-) .

There is no necessity for e-qsl and LotW. SWL requests are welcome, but with some details from log (NO DX-clusters help!).

Good hunting!



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