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lookups: 685685

Fred, AA7BQ, the founder and CEO of wrote a very nice article about his visit to K3LR. You can view it here:

The K3LR website is here:

My good friend Greg, W8WWV has done a series of quadcopter videos at K3LR. Each one of them is amazing. You can see them here: the 80 meter verticals and a look from high above - August 2017 Coast Contesters Summer Picnic at K3LR - July 2017 5th Flyby with NIGHT flight! July 2016 descriptions at K3LR August 2016 K3LR Antenna farmLoop Flyby August 2016 4th Flyby August 2014 K3LR 3rd Flyby August 2014 K3LR 2nd Flyby May 2014 K3LR 1st Flyby October 2013 Yagi Tramming August 2014 July 2015 Summer Picnic at K3LR Dayton 2015 - Watch from 00:48 to 5:38 shows K3LR ring rotors in action.

Want to see what it looks like at K3LR during a contest? Icom video of K3LR from October 2006 CQWW Phone contest Icom video of K3LR from November 2006 CQWW CW contest

G7VJR works K3LR with 100 milliwatts on 40 meters February 2009

The very best part of this hobby is the PEOPLE you meet and the long time close friendships that happen as a result of the common interest in Amateur Radio. It is no surprise that most all of my best friends are amateur radio operators. There is no question in my mind that this is the best hobby in the world!

My first contesting Elmers were Drew, W8GFG (SK) and Jim, K8MR. Thanks to DX multi multi station hosts Ed - W3AU (SK), Jim - W2PV (SK) and Buz - K2GL (SK) all who invited me to operate with their teams and were great contesting mentors to me.

K3LR is the President of the Radio Club of America - which is the oldest wireless club in the world (formed in 1909). Read more about the exciting work RCA does K3LR is a Life Member of the ARRL.The K3LR station is active in the weekly emergency response network tests on 75 meters. K3LR is a member of ARES, ACSand RACES. K3LR is an Official Emergency Station (50 KW generator on location - natural gas powered) and a Official Relay Station as appointed by the American Radio Relay League. K3LR is also on the air with the weekly Monday evening D-STAR net for WPA.

I am thrilled to be a part of more than 95 multi multi team operations from the K3LR station in the last 25 years. Over 130 different operators have participated in international contesting events from the K3LR station. These extensive competitions test the capabilities of the K3LR station and its operators to effectively communicate with other amateur radio stations around the world.

Every Fall, Amateur Radio stations and operators from around the world operate along with the K3LR Multi Multi Team in one of the largest sporting events (more than 30,000 people take part) on the planet, the CQ WorldWide DX Competitions (Phone in October and CW in November). The K3LR TEAM also operates in the ARRL International CW and Phone DX competition every year (February and March). We really enjoy competing with many of the finest stations/teams in the world.

My favorite band/mode is 160 meters CW, my next favorite band/mode is 75 meters Phone.

K3LR QSLs are no problem. K3LR QSLs 100%. Direct is OK. Phil, K3UA keeps the ARRL LoTW current for K3LR DX contest logs. We are also up-to-date with eQSL and Club Log. Check for detailed QSL information. K3LR loves QSL cards! The K3LR Multi Multi Team contest operations have resulted in over 700,000 QSOs (two way contacts) in the past 25 years - over 220,000 of these QSOs have been confirmed on ARRL LoTW! See the current DXCC and WAS standings for K3LR DX contest QSOs - all by LoTW at

Check out the K3LR Multi Multi web site http://www.k3lr.comfor lots of photos and details about the K3LR Team operators and our Multi Multi Team DX contest station operations.

You can connect to the worldwide K3LR DX Spotting Cluster anytime by telnet:// (Thanks to sysop Dave, W9PA)

If you have questions you can always email K3LR.

I work for DX Engineering

We hope to hear you on the air in the next DX contest!

Very 73 from the K3LR Multi Multi Team!

Tim K3LR


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