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Robert Kasca

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Accepts QSL via:
e-qsl: NO
mail QSL:YES

lookups: 48489


Things are moving fast these days and recently the rates have gone up considerably - again. Please see the latest "QSL rules" below:

- I QSL 100% direct only. Please note that SAE and 2 IRC, or 2,5 USD, are required for priority / airmail reply. If less postage is included the cards will be returned via regular, surface mail. Any requests including old type IRCs (expiring end of 2013) will remain un-answered. Make sure you include the new IRCs, expiring at the end of 2017.

Please use the following address:

Robert KASCA

- Settling the postage via PayPal, using is preferrable. Please contact me via e-mail prior to paying.

- I do NOT use the QSL buro for replies. Most of the logs (all new ones) are on the LoTW, some are also uploaded to eeQSL.

Thank you for understanding and keep-on calling while I'm on the other side of the pile. I love it!

Ex / Also:

YU3TYT, YU3PR, S59PR, S5Z, YU3PR/EA9, YU3PR/4U, YU3PR/YI, 5B4/YU3PR, 5B4ADR, 5B4/S53R, W6Q (WRTC 1996), WH6DCG, E4/S53R, EY8/S53R, A52KR, YI/S53R, YI9R, TK/S53R, TT8KR, ST2AR, I0/S53R, IK0/S53R, FM/S53R, TO9R (FM/2012), IT9/S53R, EA6/S53R, OE/S53R, HA/S53R, OK/S53R, OM/S53R, W1/S53R, VE3/S53R, PJ4/S53R;

Guest/Op @:

SU1ER (1991), YK1AN (1991), HC1OT (1994), YV2BYT (1995), 4M2BYT (1995), S56R, A61AJ (2000-2005), AP2ARS (2001), UK8AXA (2001), YA5T (2001), YI1BGD (2003), JY9QJ (2003), 5X1AB (2008), 4U1UN (2008/2009), ST2KSS (2009), II9P (2012); HV0A/HV4NAC (2013/14/15/16/17), Z81R (2013), ET3AA (2013), 1A0KM (2014), 4U0WFP, 4U4F, WR1TC (2014), PJ4Q (2014/2015), 4U5F, 4U1GSC, 4U0ITU (2015), 4U6F, 4U7FOC, OD5LN;


Following logs are now posted on LoTW: E4/S53R (CQWWCW 1999 only), A52KR, AP2ARS, YA5T, 5B4/S53R, YI/S53R, YI9R, TT8KR, ST2AR, S53R, FM/S53R, TO9R (FM), EA6/S53R, I0/S53R, IK0/S53R, IT9/S53R, OE/S53R, HA/S53R, OK/S53R, OM/S53R, IT9/S53R, W1/S53R, VE3/S53R, PJ4/S53R, TK/S53R (2015), YU3TYT, YU3PR, S59PR;

Ralph, K2PF, thank you for your endless efforts with my logs and QSLs! There are many logs still on paper. Once I retire, I'll retype them and post 'em on the LoTW! :) :) :)

DX Code of Conduct

Below is the link which I would suggest every DX-er should check and read the content of the page very carefully! If we all make an effort and try to stick by some very simple and straight forward guidelines, the behavior on the bands will improve. Consequently, this means more QSOs and more chances for everyone to make it into the DX log.


The information shown here comes from If you are this callsign owner and want to update or remove this information, please do it directly at