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Edward C Mc Cormick

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My nickname is Mack.

The pictures below are various operating positions in my shack. My goal is to be able to operate on every band and mode from 160M to 23 cm. I do this at legal limit on 160M - 6Mand 100W on all other bands including 23 cm.There are 18antennas and three towers on my lot. My primary transmitting antennas are a SteppIR at 75ft, Mosley 67C-3 at 80 ft, a3/8 wavelength inverted L on 160M, an 80 meter vertical and inverted V andM2 Yagi's for higher frequencies. I use a Circle 8 active array receiving antenna on 160M and 80M.My favorite modern radio is a Flex Radio 6600 and 6700. My favorite vintage radio is the Collins S-Line.

My shack embodies the ying and yang of ham radio. One part is ultra modern and high tech with full computer control of everything. The other half uses vintage rigs, some as old as 1943and paper logs. I operate in the ying and yang of ham radio daily on all modes.

I belong to four great clubs in the local area: The Dayton 2010 Club of the Year the North Fulton Amateur Radio League, the Southeastern DX Club, the South East Contest Club, and the North Georgia QRP Club

I would like to especially thank my many great friends for all your support through the years since I became a ham in 1968. I won't try to name them all because there are so many.

I also operate a public resource available via the Internet. A CW and RTTY Skimmer server covering the entire CW and RTTY portions of 8bands simultaneously (160M-10M). If you're interested in the CW/RTTY I can hear at my QTH and would like to link your logging program directly you may connect to port 44000with your logging telnet application. I also send this data to the Reverse Beacon Network at

My other main hobby is trail running. I'm a very active runner typically running six days a week and about 80miles a month on very rugged and hilly trails. I prefer to run with my four dogs off leashso I can have some alone time in the deep woods.

Vy 73,

Mack de W4AX

The Main Operating Position #1. Fully automated. One microphone, paddle, and PTT for six transceivers. 160M - 23cm. Flex 6600 and Flex 6700, Maestro, IC-910, DR-235, TK-981.

Left Closeup

Right closeup

The right pedestal

Antenna Entry Panel, PowerGenius XL Amp, Two AT-AUTO Tuners


The Alpha 9500 and Dummy Load

Alpha 9500 and Dummy Load

Vintage Operating Position #2 The WW II Military Radio Stack

Military Radios

Left closeup

Globe King 500 AM Transmitter

Globe King 500

Hallicrafters BC-610I built in 1951. 300 W of AM Carrier

CollinsPosition #3 KWM-2A/75S-3C and HF-380, Acom 2000

Operating Position #4 The S-Line Station and Collins 30S-1

Collins S-Line

Collins S-Line

Operating Position #5 - Collins Gold Dust Twins and Collins 32V-3

Collins 32V-3
The Gold Dust Twins

Operating Position #6 - The Elecraft K-Line

Elecraft K-Line

The Test and Workbench

72 foot tilt over tower. Mosley 67-C-3, 6 Meter, 2 Meter Beams

75 foottower. SteppIR 40M-6M beam, 75M Inv V

55 foottower. M2 144, 220, 440, and 900 MHz Beams, Discone Antenna.

The Collins Gear

Panoramic View


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