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Jack M Reed

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Accepts QSL via:
e-qsl: NO
mail QSL:YES

lookups: 236792


Zion National Park, NP59

2015 Stew Perry Top Band Challenge

Transmit antenna was aneast/west oriented160 meter dipole at 5,300 ft. supportedby observation deck flagpole and overlooking the Virgin River Valley 1,200 feet below. Zion National Park in the background.

Receiveantennawas a newly installed8 position BOG (beverage of the ground) system. Eachbeverage wire is 500' to 1000' in length.

WA7LNW CW / RTTY Skimmer

Real time spots are being generated from an SDRreceiverlocated near Zion National Park, Utah at anelevation 5300 ft.

CW Skimmer equipment: QuickSilver QS1R software defined receiver, Clifton 11 db preamplifier, Cushcraft R-7 Vertical antenna and HP quad processor computer connected to wireless high speed internet link. WA7LNW CW Skimmer is receiving Amateur Radio stations calling CQ in CW mode on 7 HF frequency bands simultaniously within a 97 Khz bandwidth. Call signs are decoded and uploaded to the Reverse Beacon Network website.

Cool map option:click on "options - show / hide" and select map "show" to display stations on world map. Great feature and fun to watch radio propagation changing throughout the day.

CW Skimmer antenna is located at edge overlooking the Virgin River Valley, 1,200 ft. below.

* * * * 10 Meter CW Propagation Beacon OFF THE AIR * * * *

Lightning Strike! August 2014

Beacon is being rebuilt and will be back on the air by Dec. 15, 2015

Beacon transmitting on 28.288 Mhz, 24 hour operation

Transmitter: Radio Shack HTX-100 @ 5 Watts

Antenna: Solarcon A-99, 10 Meter Vertical (mounted on rock ledge 1,200 ft above valley floor)

Keyer: United Micro XT-4 Beacon Keyer

Beacon Message:

"(5 sec. key down carrier) WA7LNW/B 5W DM37 QTH UT QSL INFO QRZ.COM 73"

Please e-mail your signal report to: (wa7lnw "at" gmail "dot" com).

The WA7LNW/B 10 meter CW propagation beacon is now locatedon top a remote mesa (elevation 5,300 ft) 8 miles west of Zion National Park in southwestern Utah.


- - - - - - - - -

General Information:

First licensed as WN7LNW (Novice) in January 1969 in Phoenix, Arizona and currently a holder of a Extra Class license. I prefer to operate CW and RTTY modes.

My station consists of Elecraft K-3 serial # 3465, HF remote Kenwood TS-480SAT, FT-1000MP, Kenwood TS-440S/AT, assorted homebrew QRP transceivers, Ameritron AL-80B, Alpha 76A amplifier. Antenna system is a 2 element, 5 band HEX beam at 82 ft. and variety of wire antennas.

Antenna System -2 element 5 band HEX beam at 72 ft., HF-2V vertical on 40/80, 160 meter dipole suspended across edge of cliff.

TS-480 / Remoterig HF Remote Systemstation is 19 miles from home QTH and controlled over the internet.

CQWW RTTY 2015, N1MM+ Screen Shot

QRP Building and Portable Operation

Enjoy building battery operated QRP radios and taking them on hikes into the near by National Parks on weekends and during QRP contests.

Built a Elecraft K-2 QRP transceiver, serial #660, giving me both SSB and CW QRP capability. Often take my K-2 or NorCal 40A transceivers into the field or mobile in both winter and summer months to operate QRP battery power. Also built RockMite and SMK-1 QRPp 40 meter transceivers.

If you hear me on the air operating WA7LNW/QRP please give me a call.

Good DXing!

73's de Jack, WA7LNW

P.S. LOTW within 5days of our QSO.

Those wishing a traditional QSL card from WA7LNW, please send your QSL Direct with an SASE to:

Jack Reed, WA7LNW -- 2902 E. Slick Rock Rd. -- Washington, UT 84780 -- U.S.A.

Thank You!


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